Signage tells you a lot about a city. For example, I knew that Auckland was the love of my life when I flew over the Auckland Airport sign after being gone for three years. I'd failed to appreciate its qualities. It was like I was seeing it for the first time with its good looking font: gentle and unassuming yet so current. Like Auckland, it surprises you with how good it actually is.

New York signage does the same. It speaks of the city's personality and it's one I like: quite audible, in your face and a bit non sensical. Wandering around I've learnt that "Dolphins rape people". Good to know for that trip to Maui. Maybe some people are into that?

I've also learnt that people in New York are rich enough to have their own personal jewelers and feel a bit smug about it; that there are some dick signs that speak just as effectively to the hetro and homosexual crowd; that there are some dick signs that shouldn't combine the word dick with certain images (why is it always the Germans with their penis and knife combos?); that you can get a blowie in China Town for less than a buck or eat penis a different way in soup